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Supporting the Family on Their Mental Health Journey

When one member of the family is struggling with mental health challenges and/or addiction (dual diagnosis), it impacts every member of the family. At All IN Family, we are here to support you.

Your Go-to Family Peer Support Non-profit Organization Who Is There for You

Our Why:

Be of support to family members, and to family of choice, to enhance a better understanding of their person’s mental health challenge and/or addictions. So that no one feels alone. Family to us is whatever family is to you.

We chose the name All IN Family Peer Support because this definition resonated with us and so many family members we spoke to. All IN, in Webster’s Dictionary is defined as ‘tired, exhausted and fully committed to a purpose.’

Whether you are new on your family's journey of mental health or have been supporting a family member for years, All IN Family Peer Support might just be what you are looking for.


We understand that family members' mental health is not often thought about since the focus is on supporting the individual that is struggling. We talk about the parallel process and how each member of the family's mental health has an impact on the entire family. We support your family as a whole and explore with all of you what that support looks like. At All IN Family, our trained family peer support workers are there to support not only your own mental health but also the mental health of your family. 

Our Vision:

Every family in our community is living a life where they are thriving, feel supported and never feel alone. 

Our Mission:

Through the lens of lived experience of family members in relation to mental health and/or addictions, provide value-based peer support, workshops and education that build a community of understanding, acceptance and hope for family members while supporting their own wellbeing.


Family to us, is whatever family is to you.


At All IN Family, we believe family peer support is an essential service within the mental health and addiction sector, and with the need for more mental health resources in our country, why not look at peer support?

To get connected to our offerings that suit your needs, please click here .

Our Services:

Online peer support groups for families

All IN peer support groups for families are online through Zoom. These groups are a safe and brave place to talk about hard things. Join other families who may have a similar story to yours who are there for support as well.  All IN has been running family peer support groups since 2019. We have supported over 1500 families on their journey of mental health. Curious how family peer support may help? To us, family is what family is to you. We have family members, parents, grandparents, friends, and co-workers join in on our weekly group sessions. Why not join us?

Wednesday Night Family Peer Support Group All IN Central (8:00pm Eastern Time, 7:00pm Central Time, 6:00pm Mountain Time, 5:00pm Pacific Time)

Thursday Night Family Peer Support Group All IN East (7:00pm Eastern Time, 6:00pm Central Time, 5:00pm Mountain Time, 4:00pm Pacific Time)

Peer navigation of resources to support families All IN Family Support. Through our own lived experience with the mental health and addiction system, we support families to look at all options available in their community.  

Reach out if you need support navigating the mental health system

Peer support is rooted in the knowledge that “hope is the starting point from which a journey of recovery must begin.” Peer support workers can inspire hope and demonstrate the possibility of recovery. They are valued for their authenticity because they can relate to the challenge and have found their way to recovery.

~ Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC)

Guidelines for the Practice and Training of Peer Support

Family Peer Support

Peer support is a supportive relationship between people who have a lived experience in common. In this case, the experience that individuals or groups have in common is in relation to a mental health challenge or illness. This common experience might be related to their own mental health or that of a loved one.

Family-based peer support recognizes the struggle that members in a person’s circle of support experience in relation to the mental health challenge or illness of a loved one.

~ MHCC Guidelines for the Practice and Training of Peer Support

Peer support for families

All IN one-on-one peer support.

Curious how family peer support may help? Wondering what we do? Or looking for some support, and someone with perhaps a similar story is there to listen. Why not reach out? We offer an introductory one-on-one session.  Reach out.


How Is All IN Family Different from Others?

Here are a few reasons you can count on us to support your family on their mental health journey:

All Family Peer Support workers are trained family members who have their own lived experience.

All IN Family offers peer support to you, the family member, caregiver, supporter.

Open for everyone who is supporting someone who struggles with mental health and/or addiction, as well as the rest of their family.

Please remember you are not alone in your family's mental health journey (we include addiction as well). We are here to support you.

Our Team

Our team of amazing family peer support workers knows how to connect directly with you and support you to find what works for you and your family on your mental health journey.

We believe that everyone can recover no matter what!

Our All IN Family Online Workshops

We offer workshops that are designed to support you, the family member, caregiver, friend who is there to support someone on their mental health journey, as well as looking at your own wellness.

Our All IN Educators Workshops

We have worked with teachers, counsellors and administrators to create a three-part workshop series that fosters healthy connections between schools and homes.

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