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Know About Our All IN Family

We have a highly qualified group of trained Family Peer Supporters with a wide range of lived experts. Take a look at what our All IN Family Peer Supporters offer and how they can provide mental health support to your family.

Charlotte Sytnyk

Charlotte Armstrong (Sytnyk)

Co-Founder and Family Peer Supporter

Charlotte's kind and approachable demeanour make her a hot commodity in the mental health world. A woman who believes that there is good in everyone, Charlotte uses her lived experience raising resilient daughters to bring awareness and support to families living with mental health issues.

As a solution-focused coach, Charlotte works with parents of children struggling with mental health challenges as well as addiction to support, advocate and provide strategies for success and recovery. She talks about the parallel process: when one member of the family is struggling, it affects everyone in the family. To Charlotte, family means whatever family means to them. It is not always family of origin.

Her work in mental health has been recognized with the Heroes of Mental Health award by CMHA as well as hundreds of "thank-yous" from families around the world. Her education, coupled with her track record of helping families find the resources they need, has given her the street cred needed to make a difference.

Charlotte believes wholeheartedly in Family Peer Support and its role in Mental Wellness. It was a huge part of her family's mental health story, and she hopes that others will see the power in their story as well.


When Charlotte is not working, she can be found hiking with her Goldendoodle, Archie, as well as spending time with her partner, Doug and her two daughters.

Kirsten Drybrough

Kirsten Drybrough

Co-Founder and Family Peer Supporter

Kirsten is known for having a calm and gentle demeanour, but don't let this fool you; she is a powerful mental health advocate for Canadian families and adolescents.


Through her personal journey, she has created significant change in government policy regarding mental health and adolescents. Kirsten's introduction to family peer support happened by chance on the steps of our provincial legislature building, "Peer support was the lifeline I didn't even know I needed during a very dark time in my family's mental health journey".

Kirsten is a sought-after public speaker and co-writer of workshops, webinars and learning communities. "My greatest passion is connecting with families and supporting them on their journey, so no one feels isolated or alone while offering hope through my own experience."

Kirsten spent 20 years in a successful career as a fitness coach/instructor. Perhaps the skills she honed as a leader and mentor during these times have prepared her for this current role. Kirsten believes that we all must own our story and that shame should never follow a mental health struggle. Through her experience with raising two beautiful daughters alongside her husband Keith, she has earned a wealth of knowledge to share with other parents.


When Kirsten is not working, she loves spending time with her own family and entertaining friends in her heritage home that she and Keith have passionately renovated over the last few years.

Gordon Bates

Gordon Bates

Family Peer Support

Originally from Neepawa, Manitoba, Gord attended the University of Manitoba from 1977-1982. After graduating with a Bachelor of Laws (1982), he practiced in Winnipeg and Thompson, Manitoba. He is a Life Bencher with the Law Society of Manitoba. Gord retired from the practice of law in 2013. Since then, he has been actively involved in the athletics community - first in Winnipeg, coaching at Fort Richmond Collegiate and for Winnipeg Optimist Athletics and now with Masters Athletes with the Nanaimo Track and Field Club. 


Gord and his wife have regularly participated for years in the All IN Family Peer online support group. He has also completed Exploration Facilitator (Peer Support) training with Robyn Priest LIVE YOUR TRUTH and the Family Connections program with The Sashbear Foundation. Having greatly and gratefully benefitted from his experience with All IN Family, Gord believes that families can heal and grow with the hope resulting from the family peer support setting.

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Breta Passler

Family Peer Support

What are you doing to take care of yourself? We have all learned from each other how important this question is. Breta’s answers include: attending All IN Family Support meetings (she has shown up most Wednesdays for years); being physically active (currently dedicated to sprinting); connecting regularly with friends and family; cooking and eating great food; travelling; and learning new skills, information and ideas all the time.


Realizing how important peer support is for family members, and lucky enough to retire early, Breta has been working to apply her skills as an advocate and researcher to help others. She has completed training as both a Peer Supporter and a Peer Group Facilitator through Robyn Priest LIVE YOUR TRUTH as well as the Family Connections program offered through the Sashbear Foundation. Breta now co-facilitates the Thursday Night Family Peer Support Group and really enjoys meeting new people looking for some support in their own challenging journeys.

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Family Peer Support

After retiring from the Public Service, Christine has become involved in mental health initiatives in the Ottawa area.  Her lived experience is lifelong, having supported family with mental health challenges in the roles of child, sibling and parent. She is a trained family peer support worker and facilitates the Thursday Night Family Peer Support Group.

Count on Our All IN Family’s Credibility Through Reviews and Comments from Families We Have Worked With

Check out what they have to say about us.

Comments from Families Who Attended Our Workshops and Family Peer Support Groups:

Family Peer Support Group Comments:


Incredibly Supportive


“I am not alone. We are all on a spectrum of recovery, whether you are at the beginning of your journey or in a holding pattern...we are all there to contribute to each other's success. The group environment is comforting and wise.

  1. Learning I can reach out and get help when I need it. No referrals, no waiting period, no cost

  2. Hearing the stories of others enabled me to reflect on mine, esp. to separate my child's story from my own

We are not alone thru this difficult and painful journey. We are learning new things every session, in how to manage ourselves and our loved one with mental illness. 

Connectedness with others with lived experiences recognition that family is not always blood but can be the family we choose! 

You are not alone, and your own self care is very important as you support your family member or person who is dealing with mental health struggles.

connection and knowing that I am doing the best I can

Even if you show up to listen...I feel you will not be disappointed. No judgement, safe environment and supportive. Just the right combination of qualities during these crazy times!!”

- Patrice M.

Non-judgemental Environment


“The sessions were excellent, very supportive, non-judgemental, informative - a real lifeline at a very difficult time.”

- Shirley and Andy M.

Connecting people to support each other is important so we understand that we are truly never alone.

Family Peer Support Workshops Comments:

Getting Rid of the “Shoulds” Workshop, Facilitated by Robyn Priest

Immensely Moving


“I am moved and inspired by the facilitator’s honesty and heartfelt interest in every single participant's contributions. I truly felt I belonged and see myself participating in more events and training. My Bucket List will be fulfilled, I have found my local resource!”

- Rose

Tremendously Respectful and Pro-active


“My name is Deborah Davis, and I would recommend this course wholeheartedly! The facilitator is open, warm, welcoming, insightful and has an uncanny ability to hear what you are really feeling as opposed to what you might be saying. The facilitator has tremendous respect for people and has a gentle nonthreatening way to ask you to look deep into yourself. I trust her heart totally and I always feel that she is onside and supportive even during a respectful challenge. I came away from the sessions with a more honest understanding of my feelings and a promise to be more protective and pro active in safeguarding against others’ expectations. I encourage people to gift themselves with the knowledge and understanding this course offers. I promise you will not regret it.”

- Deborah D.

Guidance and Compassion


“Great guidance & compassion. Wonderful Shoulds Workshop ☆☆☆☆☆”

- Anonymous

Advocate Workshop Facilitated by Kirsten Drybrough and Charlotte Sytnyk

An Informative Experience


“The personal life experience, dedication and compassion utilized by these two amazing women made this workshop a VERY informative experience vital to my work as a Peer support worker.”

- Tim K.

Amazing Support


“This workshop was just what I needed at this time in my life. The support was amazing.”

- Marilyn C.

Letting go of the Shame Workshop Facilitated by Kirsten Drybrough and Charlotte Sytnyk

A Very Safe Setting


“I have been apart of All IN Family Peer Support group for 6 months now, this was my first workshop I attended and have nothing but wonderful things to say. Charlotte and Kirsten always make you feel so welcomed in a safe Nonjudgmental setting!

Very supportive and informative with people who truly understand what it is like.”

- L.B

A Life-saving Experience


“Through sharing of stories, Charlotte and Kirsten help lessen the shame that I was feeling as a parent. I have come to look forward to Wednesdays and having that support as well as the monthly workshops. This offering that is supported by the Manitoba government is a life saver to me and my family. Please do not stop what you are doing.”

- T.D.

Thank You


"Thank you, Charlotte and Kirsten, for being an amazing peer and support for my husband and me. Your knowledge and understanding of what we as parents are going through is valuable. We learned so much. So blessed to have you both in our lives. Peer support works!"

- Mom of an amazing daughter


Helps Me to Direct My Footsteps


“Thank you very much for everything. It helps me to direct my footsteps in the right direction.”

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